In 2017 Cocoa Spa owner, Maren Muter, retired.

She still shares experiences that cater to the most whimsical desires in Big Sur, CA. Where cocoa helps serve as a medium in healing the heart and soul.

Understanding the Power of Cocoa is like venturing into NATURE where all your senses awaken, and your spirit is filled...


legend to life

In a land melded to history, thousands of years ago, deep in the rainforest, a vibrant pod grew as the delicate flower's gift upon the bark of a tree.

In it resided one of the world's most coveted substances, which at times held values beyond gold; linking heavens and earth, fires and ceremony, it was revered a gift of the gods.

As time progressed, more and more people consumed the substance as an indulgent treat, leaving behind the legend to simmer amongst the stars.

It was a simple twist of chocolate that began the path towards unlocking ancient secrets, revieling spiritual and physical beauty. 

The story began what seems a lifetime ago where, in the early 70’s, the smallest gesture was made from father to daughter – it being her first bite of chocolate…


Over the years giving chocolate was the way she connected with others, it gave her voice when her own could not. It offered hope and a smile to those around her.


It was from these encounters that Maren Muter (the Chocolate Lady) and her son began their own education into the world of cocoa, delving into the physiological and psychological affects of this amazing substance.

And with the help of leading biological scientists and medical doctors, the powers of this mysterious pod are being rediscovered and utilized in ways to blend ancient traditions and modern techniques, thus enhancing your most beautiful, natural, youthful self. 


simple. powerful. beautiful.

In a proprietary blend of cocoa's polyphenolic compounds, the Cocoa Spa Mask abosrbs free radicals and can activate genes in cells that prevent damage and againg by INCREASING the REAPAIR of DNA








The Polyphenols also directly bind to COLLAGEN and ELASTIN to stabilize pre-existing molecules and increase their LONGEVITY, and help boost circulation. 

Big Sur, CA 

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The Cocoa Spa ~ 225 Crossroads Blvd #302 ~ Carmel, CA 93923